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The Gotland Class Submarine

Submerged for several weeks

HMS Gotland in the US

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World's first submarine designed for AIP

The Gotland Class - one of the world's most modern conventional submarines. It is designed and built to meet all possible submarine missions: anti-shipping operations, ASW-missions, forward surveil-lance, special operations and mine-laying tasks. The Gotland Class can carry a powerful array of wireguided and homing weapons, including newly developed multipurpose homing torpedoes, missiles and mines.

Unique AIP system

The Gotland was the world's first submarine class in operation with an air independent propulsion (AIP) system. The Stirling AIP system, combined with a number of unique features including overall low signatures, extreme shock resistance and a powerful combat system, provides the ultimate in non-nuclear submarine technology.

Three submarines of the Gotland class, HMS Gotland, HMS Uppland and HMS Halland are now in service with the Royal Swedish Navy.

Combat system

The Gotland Class combat system and sensor suite are carefully selected for submarine warfare of today and for the future. Detection, identification, weapon launching and control are performed by the combat system at distances well beyond the horizon.

On board, the complete suite of equipment incorporates the latest of technologies. There is, for example, an innovative, newly developed sonar and fire control system incorporating powerful new means for target motion analysis for the determination of target course, speed and position.

The combat system integrates data processing with weapon control. All types of sensors, navigation and weapon control equipment, integrating consoles and tactical programmes are included in the system. 

Modular construction

In the submarine production area, Kockums pioneered the modular construction concept, which is today widely used by submarine manufacturers. Kockums has refined this technique over the years and is today launching submarines, which are virtually completely outfitted and pre-tested.

Small crew

The use of automation and remote control has resulted in crew of only 25. For instance, only one operator is needed to steer the submarine in depth and course. When ordered the steering will be done by computer. The small crew has had a very favourable impact on accommodation standards and operating costs.

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