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Supreme Naval Technologies by Kockums

Naval technology at the forefront

Naval Technology at the forefront

Kockums Littoral Supremacy™ concept aims at the ability to secure total control in the extreme littoral zone and shallow waters. Littoral Supremacy™ is made possible by a combination of supreme solutions for particular application areas and supreme technologies that have put Kockums at the forefront of countering modern threat scenarios.

Suverän marin teknik från Kockums - på och under ytan.  Suverän marin teknik från Kockums - på och under ytan.

GHOST® and Stirling AIP

Many of our supreme technologies for applications on naval surface ships and submarines for the littorals, are totally unique to Kockums and constitute areas which we continuously strive to advance - for example:

  • GHOST® - Kockums innovative and unparallelled holistic stealth approach for naval assets.
  • Stirling AIP - Kockums well-proven system for air-indipendent propulsion of conventional (non-nuclear) submarines.
  • Composites - Kockums use of advanced lightweight hull construction materials, like carbon fibre composites, with applications on surface ships.

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