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Piraya USV

Group control of Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Piraya USV

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New details about Kockums Piraya project

Kockums recently revealed new details about the Piraya un-manned surface vehicle (USV) test and experiment platform. The Piraya is the result of an internal research and develop-ment program on network enabled capabilities and naval systems.

The platform offers a new highly efficient and cost effective method for patrolling coastal waters, a requirement accentuated by the increased terror threat from the seas. Because of its flexible design and rapid deployability, the Piraya offers the ideal solution for such requirements by navies, water police, and coast guard services and can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

Multi-vehicle coordination with delegated autonomy

Successful operation of three Piraya USVs on delegated autonomy, with high level control from a single tactical operations console, has now been conducted by Kockums. A fourth Piraya has recently been included in the mix.

Coordination of three Piraya vehicles on delegated autonomy. View larger image

Coordination of three Piraya vehicles on delegated autonomy.

Page updated Monday, March 01, 2010.


Further details on Piraya USV

Kockums Piraya USV

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